The American Patriot Union
The American Patriot Union
Michael Hutton

We're creating a powerful Union of Patriots to fight evil and restore America!

Good People Standing Together Against Evil!!

About APU

Americans United Against Tyranny is a non profit organization formed with the mission to restore America through an American Patriot Union!  The APU will bring together the best of the American People and patriotic agencies and, through collective strength and cooperation, provide the energy and solutions to restore virtue and prosperity to America!

This is the social networking piece of the American Patriot Union.  To get a better understanding of the vision of the American Patriot Union please visit our website at Thank you and thanks for being with us in the fight to save America!

Why You Should Join Us

We are at a critical crossroads in American history.  Dark forces have risen up that seek to destroy our country, our way of life, our rights, and our ability to pursue happiness.  They want to control us and enslave us.  Joining this Patriot Union will add your voice to the strength of it and by standing together we will begin to fight for America as one powerful united effort.  JOIN US!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for loving this great country, defending its ideals, and standing together with us to make it free and just again!